Looking for Volkswagen Repair near Sherwood Oregon? Have you considered Tualatin, Oregon? Our shop is only 4.4 miles from Sherwood, OR. See below.


How far are you from Sherwood, Oregon?

We are 4.4 miles from Sherwood, Oregon according to Google Maps. You can see for yourself on the right of this page. You might even find there are places in Sherwood, Oregon that is farther away from you than us. You can check this by clicking more options on the map and entering your own address into the map address.

Do you actually specialize in Volkswagen repair?

Yes, we do. We see a lot of German models in the shop and Volkswagen is one of the models we see often. You would have a very hard time finding another company that has as much experience working on Volkswagen vehicles as we do. In fact, the owner of our company is from Germany and he is in the shop often. He worked for Porsche building racing motors in Germany. You will not find a stronger connection to German made vehicles in Washington County than here. You can click here and read more about that connection.

What do you see the most of in your shop?

Of course, we see a lot of the most popular Volkswagen models around the shop. The Jetta, Passat, and, of course, the Golf.

volkswagen bumper v1

Do you deal with the dreaded Jetta bumper problem?

We are definitely aware of the problem. It seems like the 1999-2002 models had this problem a lot. We can definitely help you secure the bumper so that the problem does not happen as often. Keep in mind, that a lot of what was causing this problem was a physical engineering problem where the bumper was made too low to the ground. However, steps can be taken to help make sure that the bumper does not continually dislodge from the vehicle.

My Jetta is having AC problems. Can you deal with them?

Usually, there are three reasons for your AC problems in your Jetta. The most common problems that are an AC compressor is bad, you could have an AC refridgerant leak, or you have a climate control electrical issue. In any case, we can definetly help you with the problem.

Have a problem you do not see on the page?

Contact us by calling 503-692-0846 and talk to us about it. The chances are that we have seen it and have dealt with it before. You are probably not going to bring us a problem that we have not seen before and we will be here when you need us.