Getting the Best Honda Service in Tualatin or Anywhere

Need to have your Honda serviced but do not know who to trust? You have company there. There are, literally, tons of different choices you could make when you decide to work with an automotive repair shop. It gets even worse when you realize that most of them are nearly next door to each especially here in Tualatin.

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How do you tell the difference between each one? The honest truth is that most of the time you cannot tell the difference. What you can depend on is the length of service as that will tell you who is a Jonny came lately and who is just a new kid on the block trying to make space for themselves.

In general, you can always click the “about” section and get a good feel for the organization. In fact, here is ours if you click here. How much experience does the owner have and what kind of background do they have that pushes the business. How about the lead tech? What kind of experience and knowledge do they possess? Generally, anyone who has dealt with higher pressure situations, such as working on race cars, is probably going to be high quality because they had their skills tested at a much higher level than other people. There is a reason that people prefer people who are “battle tested” because you know that, when it really counted, their skills came through. It is that kind of precision and expertise you want on your side.

It might seem counter intuitive but you want someone who has experience with a lot of different vehicles? Why? Why would you want that when you have a person who only specializes in Hondas? The truth is that every vehicle is different, is driven differently, and has unique problems. It is better to have someone who can pull from a wide variety of experiences than a person who has a very limited view of the automotive repair world. For example, if you step on a nail then you can probably put a band-aid on it and be fine, however, if it starts to itch and change colors then you probably need someone who understands not only the basics of first aid but knows more extensive knowledge of different ailments that could come from stepping on a rusty nail. You can band-aid a person all day but that does not mean you have the right experience to help someone whose problem has become more than a minor wound.

Checking reviews is always a good thing too. You are not only looking to see what everyone else says about the business but also tips on the business. You can find people talking about certain people in the business and those are the people you ask for or avoid. See a good review and they talk about Phil then try to talk to Phil. If you see a bad one and it is talking about Eddie then maybe you want to avoid Eddie if possible.

We should also talk about bad reviews. Let us say that you are looking at a few Honda service centers in a place like Tualatin. One of them has only good reviews and a lot of them. The other one has good reviews and one or two bad ones which one do you trust? A lot of you probably realized the answer right away. You trust the one with some bad reviews. Why? Every business is going to get some bad reviews from time to time. A place that does not have any is very likely buying their reviews. It is a dirty little secret no one likes to talk about but there are businesses buying fake reviews. You want to read through them because those that are short are more likely to purchased reviews. It is something to keep in mind but a few bad reviews are not a terrible thing. You know that people are actually going there.

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