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Here at Upscale Auto, we love what we do. We live and breathe cars. Any car related needs you may have, we are here for you: repairs, routine maintenance, inspections and on-point diagnoses. We service all types of cars including race cars, vintage cars and we have been known to build custom vehicles from junkyard car parts.

As a family of local professionals, we strive to make car ownership fun and enjoyable for everyone in our community. We take pride in having served Tualatin car owners for over 30 years and our dedication to our customers is what sets us apart from the rest. At Upscale Auto we get to know our clients and their cars to provide tailored recommendations that perfectly suit their needs. We are always up front and honest and we promise to give you the best quality car services at affordable prices.

Our car mechanics may be wrench heads (and proud of it), but they always go the extra mile for our customers. If we discover that your auto repair is free under dealer warranty, we will make the appointment with the car dealer for you. If you are in a situation with an insurance company or dealership regarding an accident or a malfunction, we are on your side and will advocate for you. We even provide expert testimonies for our customers to use in court, if necessary.

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Suspension Upgrade, Diesel Power Module

The suspension upgrade is so nice! We feel really safe and stable going 75 mph RV-ing through winding mountain roads in the Canadian Rockies.

We are getting 19.5 mpg with the new power module, up 5mpg from before. We also climbed the 8% grade at 60 mph with a gvw of 12,050. You guys knocked it outta the park!

Thanx again — Eileen