Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversion Espar Heater Installation

Does Experience Really Matter at All?

The last thing you want when installing something is to damage something else. Losing capability to gain capability elsewhere is, at best, a last resort. Ideally, you install things and they work with the other pieces you already have on your vehicle. Here is where a specialist is necessary. They can tell you if something is going to interfere with something else. In general, if you have a Sprinter then you want a Sprinter expert to work on your vehicle. If you have an Espar heater you want installed on your vehicle then the best thing to do is to get someone who knows the system so they know what happens when you install a new element like a heater. Also, if something goes wrong then they will know where the problem might lie and how to fix it. If you get someone who has never worked on a Sprinter before but is a trained professional then it might take them awhile to figure out how to work on the vehicle, where the problem is, and how to fix it.

Why work with us?

SprinterStore and Upscale Auto share a building and can and will work together. It means that you will be able to get your product and your installation by going to one place. Sure, you could order the product and bring it yourself but why do it when you can just have it waiting for you. A lot can happen during a drive over to the product. Might as well have it held for you and know it is in good condition before you have to hand it over to be installed. You can also have the two sides communicate so that everything is set up for you. You do not have to be the middleman at all. The two businesses can just talk to each other and not bother you unless there is a question that needs to be answered that should only be answered by you.

Contact Us:

Call 503-692-0846 or visit 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062 and schedule your appointment.

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