Looking for Mercedes Repair near Tigard, Oregon?

A lot of us make a decision about where to take our vehicles based on the distance a shop is from our shop or work. It is very understandable to do this but it is not always the best thing to do. If you have a nice vehicle like a Mercedes then you probably do not want to take it to just about anyone because you want to treat the vehicle well and have it run as well as when you first got it, assuming you did not buy it used. Even if you did buy it used then it probably true that you want it to run well or even better than when you got the machine.

Is it not true that any well-trained tech or mechanic can work on any vehicle?

It is true. However, another truth to keep in consideration is that not everyone can repair or service a vehicle up to the same quality as the other. You have to factor in experience and if they have a knack or specialty in working on that vehicle. For example, we can all cook pancakes but someone who cooks breakfast for a living at a higher end restaurant is probably going to do it faster and fewer errors than someone without the same amount of experience and training. The same thing happens with vehicle repair. You want someone who is experienced and you want them to be able to work on your Mercedes with precision especially if you do not live anywhere near Tigard, Oregon and you want to get your repairs done right.

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Should you consider how easy it is going to be to find parts for your Mercedes if they do not fix Mercedes vehicles very often?

The answer is yes. We tend to, as consumers think that repair shops have the parts to our vehicle in their warehouse and that it will not take too long to fix our vehicle because of that fact. The truth is that most repair shops are not keeping your parts in stock unless it is a very common repair. If you take in account if the shop does not repair your vehicle very often then you have even less of a chance that shop will have your specific part in stock. If they do not have your part in stock then they have to find it unless they have the supply chain worked out already, and then they have to wait for it to come into the shop before they can repair your vehicle. The good news is that you do not pay for that time. The bad news is that you cannot drive your vehicle while they are waiting for the part. If that vehicle is your only mode of transportation then you are out of luck and possibly out of a vehicle for awhile. A bad situation made worse by the fact your vehicle is Mercedes and you would rather be driving it than waiting for it to be fixed.

What else does it mean if a repair shop does not fix a Mercedes very often?

It means that they will have to do research on how to fix your problem. What is so bad about that? The time it takes them to research your problem is the time that ends up on the labor side of the equation. The worst part about that is that you are not told this is happening. You also cannot see it on your labor bill they make no distinction between repairs and research time which keeps you in the dark. A place you do not want to be when it comes to repairs. You want to know what is going on and what you are paying for when you pay for it. Unfortunately, it just not an area that is commonly reported.

So, what do you do?

You get a place that tells you what they specialize in and you work with them. If they specialize or, at least, are experienced with working on Mercedes vehicles then you know that they probably have a supply line developed. They probably have seen another vehicle with the same problem before and that they have a good idea of how to fix it quickly. They may even be able to give you an accurate estimate of how long your vehicle will be in the shop. A plus when you have to make other plans for your transportation means. You are not going to waste a lot of money educating a tech or mechanic on how to fix your vehicle and you also are not going to be the paying guinea pig. You just get the repairs you need, in a timely fashion, and at a fair price for that work.

What do you specialize in?

German and Japanese vehicles. If you own any vehicle made by those two countries then you will find that we have an ample amount of experience and have the suppliers lined up in order to get the parts as soon as possible and install them correctly the first time.

How do I contact you to schedule an appointment?

You can call 503-641-4525 or you can always stop by 10925 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Beaverton, OR 97005.