Jeep Repair in Tualatin Oregon

If you have an off-road vehicle then you know how terrible it is to have that vehicle down. If you love off-roading then your off-roading scratch is not going to get scratched unless you have a vehicle available that can make those kinds of trips. If the vehicle needs repairs… Well. You cannot scratch that itch unless you want to ride with a friend which is fun but it just is not the same as driving and off-roading by yourself. There is nothing like being behind the wheel and driving. You could go home and watch Youtube videos of other people off-roading in their vehicles but what fun is that for you. You can only take so much of that before you want to be out there for yourself.

Want to work with a company that has the experience and specialization for your Jeep including knowledge of mods? Contact us by calling 503-692-0846 or click here and use the information to get a hold of us.

Jeep Specialization is good

What do you do? You need someone who specializes in working on Jeeps especially if you have modifications that you have done on your vehicle. If you do not get someone who understands you and your situation then you might not get the repairs that you want on your vehicle. They, honestly, might make your vehicle worse than when it came in for repairs. It is true that any competent tech or mechanic can work on any vehicle but then you have to factor in the time it takes for them to research how to properly work on your vehicle. Remember, the time they spend researching how to work on your vehicle is the time that they charge for labor. You do not even know it was charged but it is charged to your account. It is one of the reasons why expert repair could be cheaper because the amount of time they have to research is far less. But, what if you have mods on your vehicle? If you do then you better have someone who can fix your vehicle who has experience with mods. It really shortens the list of people who can and should work on your vehicle because there are not many companies who can, have, and should do modifications on vehicles.

How Specialization Affects Getting Parts

You have to also think about the parts conundrum. If they do not fix a Jeep very often then they might have trouble finding parts for a Jeep. If you are looking for parts in a semi-isolated town then you might have a bigger problem. Luckily, Tualatin is not terribly isolated. However, if the company you choose does not work on Jeeps very often then they still have to find a parts supplier for your vehicle. You do not pay for the time it takes for them to find the parts but it means that you cannot drive the vehicle for that amount of time either. If the company you chose does not have a supplier in mind then you might be stuck for a while because they have to find the part and have the part shipped in to fix your vehicle. If it sounds like a long winded round about way of doing things that might take some time then you are correct. It is another reason you should consider having someone who specializes in your vehicle to fix your Jeep. You get someone who knows what they are doing and they know where they are going to get parts for your vehicle before you get in the door.


How do I contact you to schedule an appointment for my jeep?

You can call us at 503-692-0846. You can also visit us by stopping by 19460 SW 89th Tualatin, OR 97062.

What makes your repair shop so special?

The owner’s son is very interested in off-roading and has made changes to his vehicle for off-roading purposes. It includes things like switching components from other vehicles to his to make it better able to handle the roads the vehicle encounters. If you have mods then Upscale Automotive or the sister location of Tualatin Tire Pros can handle the work you need on your jeep.