Jeep Grand Cherokee Blower Motor Replacement in Tualatin, Oregon

What does a blower motor even do? It sounds like it should be shooting out cold air at me.

The blower motor does push air through your vents. However, it blows whatever temperature of air that you ask it to blow out through your vents. Of course, this assumes that your heat and air conditioning is functioning properly in your vehicle.

Ok… Where is it located then?

The blower motor is usually located behind your glove box where there are heating and air conditioning ducts.

I do think that I’ve got something going on with my blower. What are the telltale signs that I really am having trouble with my blower motor?

A lot of people notice a noise when using their heater or air conditioning. If you do start hearing a noise then you should be aware that this means that a failure is imminent. It is not a question of if the system will quit but when the system will quit. It does not mean that you cannot use your heater or a/c but continued use will lead to a failure eventually if the problem is not fixed.

Anything else I might notice if I am having a problem with my blower?

You may notice that the air pressure produced by your air conditioner/heater is much less. It will not matter what level you have the fan speed or the temperature of that you ask of the system. You may still get heat or cold, respectively, but it will be the same pressure as you were getting before assuming that you did not buy the vehicle in this state. You may also notice grinding noises or rattling noises. The most likely cause of this sound is either a broken bearing that was gone bad or fan blades that have become broken. The interesting part is that a lot of people report that the fan speed does not affect this noise and others do. You may find yourself in either situation. The most likely area you will notice this sound coming from is the passenger floorboards in most cases.

If I choose to put this on the backburner is it going to make my vehicle have problems? Is the blower problem going to break anything else in my vehicle?

Fortunately, it will not. However, you may not be comfortable as you would be if it were in good repair. It depends on the severity of the problem.

Is there a set time where I should be looking at my blower motors in order to keep them in good repair?

No, unfortunately. You can count on a blower motor failing more often in high use vehicles. Why? Things in the blower get used overtime and will degrade. What kinds of things? Your fan blades can become weak over time and could break off. Of course, the more the blower is used the more likely things are going to degrade over time. The other thing to keep in mind that other things can enter the blower motor and cause problems. For example, we had a customer who had mice near their blower motor and this caused debris to enter the blower motor which caused a problem.

How do you know if my blower motor has a problem?

The first thing that will happen is that your fuses will be inspected since they are a common reason why the blower will not work. If your blower is experiencing low to no air expulsion then the technician or mechanic will inspect the motor to see what the problem is and this is the case if the motor is making any kind of abnormal sounds like grinding or rattling. If those two problems are not the culprit then they will look at the electrical connector. If the connector is not the problem then your blower will be plugged into an external power source. If this fails then your blower motor will be replaced.

I’ve heard that there could be other things causing my problems but are not necessarily my blower motor. Could you speak on that?

The other part that could be having problems is the blower motor resistor. The ac or heating will tend to work until the resistor breaks down completely or, at least, work on a few of the possible settings. If you notice that no fan speeds are working then you can be fairly certain that your blower motor is the cause of the problem.

How do I contact you if I feel like you can help me with my Jeep Grand Cherokee blower motor? Oh, yeah, I’m in Tualatin, Oregon if you didn’t know?

If you live in Tualatin, OR or work here then you can visit our shop at 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062. You can also call 503-692-0846 and talk to us.

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