Looking for Import Auto Repair for a Honda?

If you drive an imported vehicle like a Honda then you can be leary of what other people are going to do to your vehicle? Why? It is imported and that fact alone makes it more likely that people in the country you live are going to have less knowledge of how to fix the vehicle. It is a massive concern because, for the most part, if you pay attention, the roads are mostly dominated by Chevy and Ford vehicles. If the roads are dominated by them then guess where the lion share of experience and repair expertise lies. Obviously, in the vehicles that predominate the market.

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Where does that leave you? The import vehicle owner who owns a Honda? You have to make choices about which one of these places can do the job. Sure, the technical knowledge is similar but there is something to be said for experience and knowledge of the product. For example, we all could, technically, create a cheesecake from scratch. However, a person with experience and knowledge of how to make said cheesecake is going to make one better than us. It is the same with import cars. You want someone who has experience and knowledge in the field with experience dealing with other cars too. Why? You never know what kind of problem you are going to encounter and having specialized knowledge plus knowledge of other problems other vehicles have encountered in the past is a good thing. You can come up with the right answer faster if you have a wider base of knowledge plus specialized knowledge.

The last thing you want is a passion for the industry as a whole. The last thing you need is someone to repair your car or vehicle because it is their nine to five job. You want someone who wants to go that extra mile to achieve excellence and if you look at the about us page and read about our owner then you will know that is exactly what he demands from his employees. Click here to read about him. Here is short synopsis if you do not have time. He worked on racing motors for Porsche in Germany. He also worked for Mercedes. If you know anything about Germany then you know that it is well known for its precision which is what he brought with him to the States and is instilled in his employees at Upscale Automotive. If you really want to get more in-depth about the owner’s racing background then click here.

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There are two ways you can go about it. The first way is to call us. You can call us by dialing 503-692-0846. You can also visit us by stopping in at 19460 SW 89TH Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062.