Can You Get Expert Level Honda Repair Somewhere Around Vancouver WA?

Your Honda is a performance machine. It should be treated as such. You do have one big problem though. The problem is that everyone wants to treat you and your vehicle just like another number. A massive problem because you are not a just another number or another vehicle in a bay. You are a unique person with unique problems and your vehicle is a unique vehicle with unique problems. The last thing you want to be treated as is just another job because that may not fix your problem completely. The last thing you want is a tech to be working on your vehicle who makes the bare minimum while watching the clock. Very strong reasons why even though you could get your vehicle fixed in Vancouver, WA that you might be better off going to somewhere where you know they have experience working on your vehicle and they have the expertise to do so as well.

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New Guys or Gals

No one likes to talk about it but seniority might factor into who gets what vehicle. For example, if a person wants to work on a vehicle and there is some discussion who should get it then it probably will boil down to who has been there the longest. If the person who has been there the longest does not specialize or like working on a vehicle like a Honda then guess who gets the vehicle no one has little to no experience in fixing because the other ones are “easier” because they know how to deal with them. It probably goes to the new guy who is the lowest paid and the least experienced. Not exactly the experience you were hoping for when you walked into the shop. You want experience and professionalism which you may or may not get depending on how good the new guy or gal is and how bad they want to make an impression.

Research Time

What you do not see when you get back your bill is how much they had to research your vehicle before they could fix it. If a tech has to research your vehicle then they have to research it which figures into labor time. The time they could have spent fixing your vehicle if they had the experience or knowledge handy factors into the total cost of the repair. It is something that does not show up on the bill and you would not know about unless you asked or saw on their website that they specifically fix your style of vehicle. We all sort of gloss over those “we fix this type of car” because we all know that a mechanic or tech can fix anything. However, we do not think about the time involved for them to learn how to do it because we assume that they have the experience to fix any vehicle magically. We just assume they have done it before which may or may not be the case.

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