Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Lock Actuator Repair

Wait… I’m just having sliding door problems with my Honda Odyssey… What the heck is an actuator?

A sliding door actuator is an “electrically actuated lock”. Basically, that means that the lock can be unlocked from inside or outside the vehicle by using a key fob. It can still be unlocked manually, in most cases, but it can activate via the key fob as well. However, technically speaking, the actuator is actually a DC motor or a solenoid. The actuator, whichever style it might be, receives electricity and does the work of opening the lock.

Ok, so how does that help me?

The Honda Odyssey tends to have this problem frequently, unfortunately. Most of the cases are due to a problem with this actuator. Repairing it, usually, every case is different, solves the problem that most people have with their sliding door.

Well… how does that mechanism work in the system anyway?

The user presses the key fob button and a signal is released from the key fob. The BCM (Body Control Module) receives the information and tells the sliding door to open or close depending on the doors state before it receives the command from the key fob.

So where is this thing found?

Many vehicles have this actuator located between the latch assembly and/or the lock cylinder. However, there are newer vehicles that have this item installed in the latch assembly itself.

Doesn’t seem like this is too huge of an issue… I feel like this would be a thing that should not be able to stop my ability to drive.

You could, technically, still drive your vehicle while this is a problem. However, there are other problems you could experience. Your door may malfunction at unintended times which means that your doors could be unlocked during times you want them to be locked. If you are worried about a theft problem then this is not a problem you want. The locks are actually related to each other which means that failure with one could impact the others eventually. It is within your best interest to have it fixed as soon as possible.

What should I be looking out for… What are the telltale signs? I’m pretty sure I have this problem but I want to make sure before I bring it in to have it looked at?

If your door has trouble locking or unlocking on a consistent basis then your actuator may need to be replaced. If you hear the actuator making sounds like whirring or clunking then you may have an actuator problem. The more noise the mechanism is making the more likely the problem is to exist. If your lock only works off and on then you should have it checked.

How do I get a hold of you so that I can get my Honda Odyssey’s sliding door lock fixed?

You can call us by dialing 503-692-0846. You can also visit us by going to the following address: 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062.