Ford Transit Oil Change Required in Tualatin, Oregon

Where do you get your oil changed for a Ford Transit? You might have called around looking for a shop and found that there are places that do not accept Fort Transits? Why? Usually because of the size of the vehicle and how busy they already are at the time. If you are a business who has the main goal of people pushing through a system designed to get people in and out quickly then anything that is out of the norm is going to slow that process down. You will have to allocate valuable bay space to that person or space outside of the business. The time that person who is working on the vehicle and the time that the bay or space is occupied by another person and their vehicle is potential time and money lost. Ford Transits do not always fit the same spaces that other vehicles do which leaves you with the short end of the stick sometimes because you are the oddball that does not fit what they are trying to do.

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Another reason they might not accept you right away is that they have not worked on your vehicle before and they really do not want to mess it up. Changing oil in a vehicle is changing the oil in a vehicle, of course. If you keep in mind the previous thought then you might see why they might avoid it. Slowing down the assembly lines ultimately takes extra time out of a busy day may be avoided so that they can continue their assembly line.

Ok, ok, so what do you do to get your oil changed?

You go to someone who works on Ford Transits all the time, or, at least, something like the Ford Transit like a Sprinter van. You will not be considered too far out of the norm and you will be shuffled right into the assembly line which is right where you want to be anyway. They should be able to do the job fairly quickly because they understand where to go and, more importantly, they know where to get the right oil for the vehicle since they buy oil for other vans it is not a stretch to think they have the right suppliers to find the oil for you and your rig.

So, how do you find a specialist anyway?

Therein lies the rub of all of this how do you find a specialist when most places do not tell you what they specialize in or what they work on often. Why? They think it limits the vehicles they can work on so they hold what they do tight to their chest in hopes that you call. It is way easier to turn away business if you have your dance card full. In most people’s minds, giving a specialty precludes people from working with them but that also means that you look very general to a lot of people. The fact is, however, that most of the business works that way anyway. If you are a mechanic or tech then everyone assumes you can fix everything which is somewhat true. However, there is research the tech or mechanic has to do in order to be able to fix the vehicle. It will eat up the time of the tech, you cannot drive the vehicle, and it ends up costing you more. Therefore, you can call somewhere where they do not say what they do often or what they specialize in but it is probably going to take longer, cost more, or you will be turned away at the door because they do not have the space to accommodate you.

So, what do you specialize in?

Upscale Automotive specializes in fixing Japanese, German, and vehicles like the Sprinter. They also have had Transit vans run through the store which means that you will not be an oddity and you will be put in the line like everyone else without any seconds thoughts. They know and understand your vehicle and can service it quickly.

How do I get in contact with you?

You can always visit the physical location at 19460 SW 89TH Tualatin, OR 97062. You can call 503-692-0846.