Ford Transit Carpet Cargo Mat

Can I come down to the store and get it?

The answer is yes if it is actually in stock. It could be in one of the warehouses we use around the United States. If you are looking to pick up it up then calling ahead is a good thing so that you do not waste a trip. If it is in stock then you should be able to march up to the front desk and ask for the product.

If I am going to pick this up then I should know what I am getting into before I get this thing. How big is it and how heavy is it?

Products similar to this one are usually around 14x74x14 and 18 lbs. We have not had this in the store as of yet, therefore it might be larger or smaller but more likely the former more than the latter. It should not weigh over 25 lbs. however.

Some of the carpets I’ve seen for vans are relatively weak. What is this one like?

It is made of a 100% Polypropylene material. It has been made to be tough and resists damage better than a regular carpet.

I’m putting this carpet over metal. Is it going to slip around on me?

The manufacturer says that they have included a foam back that should protect your floor, make it softer for you and whatever you are transporting, and make it hard for the mat to slip around when you need it to stay.

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I’ve seen other mats that do some soundproofing, does this mat do that?

Yes. The mat will absorb some sound. However, it is not fully made to do this so results can be mixed but it should be noticeable.

What about heat? Will it help my vehicle’s floor be cooler?

The manufacturer says that this mat will insulate your van from some of the heat.

I tend to spill things. Unfortunately, it is not usually water. It is usually harsher chemicals, is this mat going to help me?

We have literature that says that this mat was made be able to take chemicals like oil, gas, and etc.

Are you telling me this thing is resistant to mold, mildew, and smells even though it is a carpet?

You are correct. The material of this mat is polypropylene, Polypropylene is basically a plastic product which means it should be much more durable than a regular mat and able to withstand liquids much better than the typical mat you would find in a vehicle.

How do I clean this thing?

It is actually easy to clean. You can use a vacuum, a power washer, your house’s house, and go to work. Your rug will look great afterward and you do not have to worry about it soaking up smells because it resists water due to its construction.

Where is this thing produced? Typically, I like to buy products made in the USA.

You are in luck because this product was produced in the USA.