Acura Service Center in Tualatin, Oregon

Looking for an Acura Service Center in Tualatin, Oregon? Chances are that you might be looking for a while because the unfortunate problem is that most businesses do not tell you what they specialize in fixing or repairing. Most businesses are too afraid to tell you that they work on a certain car or vehicle because the thought process is that it precludes them from working with anyone else. Effectively, it means that you will have to roll dice on whether or not you are getting proficient or, at least, experienced help in repairing your vehicle.

Ideally, what you want in an Acura Service Center is skilled mechanics or techs who have worked on a vehicle like yours before and to work with a company that already knows where to get the supplies they need. However, to be totally honest, that is not what you get most of the time. What you get is, “yeah, we can handle that.” Is that a lie? No, not in particular. It is true that any certified tech could fix your vehicle with a level of proficiency that most regular people cannot compete with at that moment. It is kind of like cooking breakfast. You can cook a pancake but that does not directly affect your ability to cook an egg. It is the same with vehicles. A tech could be great at fixing a Silverado but they may have never worked on an Acura. It might take them longer to do the same job they would do on another vehicle in half the time.

What is the answer here? The answer is to try to work with companies who are upfront with what they specialize in and want to fix. Why? It gives you the best opportunity to get the best repair or service you can get in the smallest amount of time possible. You get to get back in your vehicle fast and you get back on the road instead of stuck in a waiting room.

So, what do we specialize in?

We specialize in German and Japanese vehicle repair. We get a high volume of calls to repair Japanese vehicles and we do see them often. We have the experience, the knowledge, and we know where to get the parts so that your vehicle does not sit around waiting for us to find a supplier. You get the best service possible and you spend the least amount of time waiting around as possible. We are one of the best independent Acura service centers you can find around the Washington County area.

How do you contact us?

You can visit the store at 19460 SW 89th Ave. in Tualatin, OR 97062 or you can call us at 503-692-0846.