Reasons Why You Should Consider Acura Repair Near Beaverton, Oregon and Maybe Not the Near Me Options

How the Experience of a Tech Effects the Amount You Will Pay in Labor

We all want someone who is skilled working on our vehicle. Sometimes we are willing to accept someone competent but not a specialist to do things for us. Mostly because they can do it better than we can for ourselves. A bit of truth here? All things being equal, a mechanic or a technician can and is able to work on any vehicle and better than we can do it ourselves because of the training involved. However, like any job, there are people who are competent then there are people who excel at the activity because of a myriad of reasons including experience and specializations. You already know this but you but you do not know or, at least, what you do not see is that lack of expertise ends up on your bill. How? The truth about the industry is that you are charged for time that tech or mechanic has to research how to fix your vehicle. You never see it because it is in the labor cost. However, it is there and probably would not be mentioned unless you asked about it specifically. The person taking the monetary exchange probably does not know about it either in most cases. You would have to talk to the tech or the manager of the tech to get an idea of it. However, whether you like it or not, it is there and you are paying for it. If time is an issue then you might be better off driving a little further outside of Beaverton to get service or repair on your Acura from someone who works on them often and knows what they need right away.

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Parts Take Time Too

The other thing to keep in mind if the place you choose to have your Acura fixed is how often they see a vehicle like yours. Not only does the tech or mechanic have to research what they need to repair your vehicle but the person buying the parts has to figure where to get them. Here is another honest truth. A lot of companies will stop you before you get to this point but there are a few that will just take your money and figure it all out later. Why does that concern you? The extra time the parts person has to look for your part is the extra time your vehicle sits in the shop. You are not paying for it other than the extra time you are without the vehicle. Still, a massive downside if you like your Acura and love driving it or you need it back quickly. If you have never worked in parts then you should know that finding a part is not as easy as calling up a store and asking for it. There are places that specialize in parts, there are variations of parts, there are OEM and aftermarket parts. A lot of questions have to be answered and those questions all take time to answer. All of the time adds up to more time you are not driving your vehicle. If you go somewhere where they specializing in repairing or servicing Acura’s then they have the supply lines defined. They know what parts they need and you will get back to driving your vehicle faster because everything is in place before you get there.

Ok, What About Getting Repairs Done at a Dealership?

The thing you have to remember about dealerships is that they make most of their money by selling vehicles. If your vehicle is ten years or older than they probably are going to try to convince you that you should buy a new vehicle because it makes financial sense for them. It is up to you to defend your own money by figuring out if that makes sense for you. Not always an easy feat if you have a slick or pushy salesperson staring you down. Luckily, in most cases, parts and sales are two different departments with their own sales goals, which means you can get away with saying no sometimes depending on how hard management wants to push selling a new vehicle for quota reasons. Either way, eventually an Acura dealerships main goal is to sell a vehicle not to fix the one you have because that is a finite sale to them. They could be spending more time selling to someone new and it is only a matter of time till they start looking at you as that “someone new”. A repair shop is interested in getting you back on the road in your vehicle as long as you want to be in that vehicle. They want to keep you in that Acura because you become a repeat customer which is what they depend on in their business. They do not sell vehicles. If the dealership is the only place you can take your Acura in Beaverton then you should strongly consider taking it a little further to make sure that it gets the love and attention it deserves.


How far are you away from Beaverton, OR anyway?

10 to 13 miles depending on where you are in Beaverton.

How do I contact you to get my Acura repaired?

You can visit us at 19460 SW 89TH Ave. in Tualatin, OR 97062. You can also contact us by calling 503-692-0846.