Acura MDX B1 Service in Tualatin, Oregon- What Do I Get?

I’m getting a thing in my car that says, “service due soon code b1”. I’m worried about it. I am not, like, a car specialist, is there a… I mean what is this and can you tell me what this means? Is it bad?

If you are getting a B1 code that says, “service due soon code b1” then your MDX is telling you that you should get your service B1 done at your earliest convenience. It is a general message that tells you that your vehicle could use a “tune up” in order to stay as healthy as possible.

OK, that sounds ok. But, if I do have this done then what am I having done to my Acura MDX?

If you choose to have your B1 service done then you will have the following items done to your vehicle:

  • Your front and rear brakes will be inspected to make sure that they are in good health
  • Your parking brake will be checked to see if it needs an adjustment
  • They will also replace your oil filter and your engine oil

Is there anything else done during the B1 inspection phase?

Yes. There is a multitude of other things checked and you can see most of them below:

  • You will have your tie rod ends inspected
  • You will also have your steering gear box looked at and made sure it is functioning correctly
  • Any boots will also be inspected and made sure that they are in good repair
  • Your tires will also be rotated in order to extend your tires life over time
  • Your fluid levels will also be checked and the condition of that fluid will also be checked
  • Worried about your fuel lines? They will be checked and the connections will be checked as well
  • The condition of your driveshaft boots will also be inspected
  • Your exhaust system will be checked
  • Suspension components will also be checked to see if they are in good repair
  • Your brake hoses and lines will also be inspected to make sure that they stay in good health. In fact, your ABS system will also be looked at during this service
  • Finally, the exhaust system will be looked at as well

So, how does this vary if I’m getting a message that says almost the same thing but with a B2 instead?

The B2 service is different than the B1 service and has the following items associated with it:

  • The pollen and dust filter will be checked and replaced
  • Your drive belts will be inspected
  • They will make sure to replace the air cleaner element

How do I contact you in order to have this done for me and my Acura MDX?

You can call us at 503-692-0846 or you can visit us at the following address: 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062.

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