97 Honsa Civic Head Gasket Repair in Tualatin, Oregon

Wait… What is a head gasket anyway? My friend said that he thinks mine is leaking… What is it?

Your engine is comprised of two pieces. The two pieces are the engine block and the cylinder head. The two halves have to connect and seal together so that things such as oil do not enter areas where they should not go. The head gasket forms that necessary seal and is the reason why it is important to have this component fixed if it really is a problem.

So… That white smoke I sometimes see people having when they are pulled off to the side of the road… Could be caused by a head gasket problem?

Yes. The keyword is the that it could be caused by a head gasket problem. There are other reasons this might be happening but it certainly a possibility.

Well, what are the symptoms of a head gasket problem? What should I be looking for if I suspect mine is going bad or is already bad.

Here is the bad part about that question you just asked. The truth is that your engine may not exhibit problems when your head gasket begins to have problems until something reaches an area where it should not go. The problems you may start noticing at that point are that your vehicle might start developing a white smoke that smells sweet. Engine coolant, typically, smells sweet and that is what you would be smelling. You might also find that you get coolant in your engine pan. The mix will look like a lighter shade of normal engine oil. It might also seem creamy to you because of the viscosity of the mixture. You might smell combustion. Your engine coolant reservoir could be making gurgling sounds. It, your Civic, might have a hard time starting and may have a rough time when idling at stops. You may also have a check engine light that lights up.

I can still drive if I have this problem right?

It is not recommended. A head gasket problem can do a lot of damage to your vehicle which is much more expensive to repair. Your engine could overheat. If this happens on a busy street or highway then you will be putting yourself and others in danger.

Is there any specific time where I should really look into having this replaced?

Typically, around 100,000 miles is when you should really start looking at this piece. However, you can have a head gasket fail for any number of reasons. You can avoid having to replace it early by making sure that the fluids that go into your engine are removed and replaced as recommended.

How do I contact you in order to have my head gasket on my 97 Civic looked at?

You can call us using the following phone number: 503-692-0846. You can also stop by the shop by going to 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062.


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