Toyota Camry Rack and Pinion Replacement

I’ve never even heard of this thing or things. What are this rack and pinion thing?

A rack and pinion are a newer and, incidentally, lighter version of steering gears. It may have hydraulic assistance, it could be either electrically assisted or not as well.

What happens when you use the steering wheel then?

If you are turning your 2017 Toyota Camry then the rack and pinion either pushes or pulls your wheels in the direction you ask it to go.

Is a bad steering rack going to disable my ability to drive my Camry around?

You should not drive the vehicle if at all possible. If the pump cannot remain full then your fuel pump and steering gear are in trouble. You should be towed if possible to make sure that these parts stay intact.

How often do steering racks need to be replaced?

Barring any strange circumstances, most drivers find that their rack and pinions will last 100,000 miles. Wear and tear will eventually necessitate a change but you should reasonably be able to expect your Camry’s steering gear to last 100,000 miles.

How does this rack and pinion actually do this work you’re talking about?

In order to have an understanding of how things work you have to know how this is connected. Your steering rack is found between the front wheels. The steering rack attaches to the steering wheel. The steering rack is connected to the steering knuckles via the outer and inner tie rod ends. The steering knuckles are where the Camry’s wheels are attached. If you turn your steering wheel then the aforementioned parts are forced to one side and it pulls them in on the reverse side.

What are the things I should look out for if my steering rack/pinion and rack are bad or are going bad?

You will notice that steering at low speeds is a problem. It might also feel like the wheel is loose when you turn the wheel. Your power steering will likely have a fluid leak. You may also notice that you have what will seem to be a clunking noise or even a whining noise when you turn your steering wheel.

Is there a way to avoid these problems?

If you keep your regularly scheduled appointments then you can avoid a lot of these problems. It is because your power steering fluid can become contaminated. If you keep it clean then it will last much longer.

What do I do if I think that I do need this work on my 2017 Toyota Camry but I can’t afford it? Do you have a way to have it repaired anyway?

We do have access to a program that approves 95% of the people who walk into the front door regardless of the financial situation. If you have 25 dollars and a bank account then it is highly likely to help you as well. Call or stop by to see what we can do for you.

How do I get in contact with you? Do you have a phone number? Where are you located?

You can call us at 503-692-0846 during regular business hours. Alternatively, you can visit us at 19460 SW 89th Ave. in Tualatin, OR 97062 also during business hours. We would be happy to talk to you about your 2017 Toyota Camry.

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