2015 Subaru Forester Drive Axle Leak Repair in Tualatin, Oregon

If I think my drive axle is going bad then what are the signs that would tell me that it is actually going bad?

If you have a straight axle vehicle then you can expect the backing plate of your brake to have liquid on it or behind it. It will look like it is draining unless all your fluid is gone already. If you allow the brakes to leak on the drum brake assembly then you will, likely, deal with brakes that do not have the same stopping power as they did before the fluid got on them. You may also find leaks around the input shaft seal or the bottom of the differential housing. However, if you have CV axles, then you will have an easier time finding the leak. Your boot will be torn and the axle grease will be everywhere around your torn boot. If you have a differential or transmission leak then your output seal is going to leak and the undercarriage will have fluid flung around and so will the wheel.

Ok, so I’ve heard of this thing but what does it do?

A drive axle has the job of taking power from the differential and putting that power into the wheel hub.

Can I drive with a bad drive axle?

If your brakes have been contaminated with the fluid then you will have a problem braking properly. It will be very noticeable that your brakes do not have the braking power that they should. If this is true then you should not drive the vehicle. If the problem has been going on for a long time then you can expect mechanical failure to be imminent. If you hear anything that sounds like mechanical noises from the differentials or transmission then you should not drive the vehicle and have it looked at as soon as possible.

When do I need to start thinking about getting this stuff changed? Is there a time frame or a mileage count where I should start looking at this?

Unfortunately, there is no time frame or mileage count that is common between Forester vehicles that need drive axle leak repairs. We can tell you that you will have to have them replace someday. If you do end up getting these repaired then you should also have the stabilizer bar changed and the bushings replaced as well. Another sign that you need this kind of repair is if you hear squeaking sounds when you go over bumps or when you are making turns.

How do I contact you to have you look at my drive axle on my Forester?

You can visit us in person by going to 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062. Alternatively, you can call us by dialing 503-692-0846. Please try to contact us during business hours.

Wait, I don’t think I have the money to get this fixed?

No problem. If you have $25 and a bank account then we have a service that approves about 95% of the people we see. We are pretty sure it will work for you.

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