2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Steering Knuckle Repair in Tualatin, OR

I’ve never heard of a steering knuckle. Why is that?

It is probably because a steering knuckle is not a common item that is broken. Steering knuckles are designed to withstand the service life of a vehicle unless they get damaged in some shape or form.

Ok, well, I still don’t know what this thing is. What the heck is a steering knuckle and why should I care about it?

A steering knuckle is tied, figuratively, to the front suspension system. It also has connections to the steering system. It is integrated into the steering system via the tie rods. The front suspension, as a whole, helps the vehicle to absorb bumps. The system also allows the wheels to spin as necessary. The steering knuckle has a lot to do. It connects the lower and upper control arms by using ball joints. It also retains the wheel hub. It also retains the bearing that holds to the wheel.

Can I do this myself? Is the steering knuckle something I should avoid touching? Ideally, if I can, I’d like to do it myself but if I might ruin my car then I’ll avoid it.

It depends on your experience level. If this is your first repair then you should avoid doing this one. If you have little experience then you should not attempt this on your own. Why is this? A steering knuckle is a very advanced repair because of the tools and equipment needed to remove it. You also should have quite a bit of experience before attempting this repair. You need to know how to remove bearings, snap rings, and pressed hubs. If any of that sounds new to you then you probably want to avoid doing this job. You also have to press those items into a new steering knuckle not to mention that your tie rod end and ball joints have to be separated in order to do this job correctly. Your Crosstrek also needs to be lifted into the air to make this work. It is usually done with a jack and jack stands. If you do not have those then you cannot do this repair. Our main advice is to avoid doing this repair by yourself if at all possible.

What would happen if I don’t have a jack stand or jack?

You could seriously injure yourself while attempting this repair. It should be avoided if you do not have the necessary components to do this repair.

I’ve heard that some people have damaged their vehicle trying to remove the steering knuckle. Is that true?

Yes. It is very difficult to remove a steering knuckle without experience or the right tools.

You said I’d have to press something into the steering knuckle. What is that?

You have to put the wheel hub and bearing into the steering knuckle on some vehicles. If you have to do this then you need a hydraulic press to do it correctly. If you do not have that piece of equipment then you should avoid doing this repair by yourself. You should seek a professional’s help.

Ok, I get it. But, can I drive this thing to see you and check out my steering knuckle? Is that a bad idea? Is it going to do more damage to my Subaru Crosstrek?

It depends on whether or not you actually have a steering knuckle problem. A lot of the problems related to a steering knuckle actually could be related to another piece breaking or being worn down. Some of those components in a worn down state would allow you to drive your vehicle to some capacity. It is impossible to know which one is actually adversely affecting you and your vehicle, therefore, we cannot tell you outright if your vehicle is undrivable. The caveat is if the threads to your brake caliper are damaged and the caliper is not operating to full capacity. If that is true then you should have the vehicle towed to the repair facility of your choice.

Let’s say that my steering knuckle is bad. What kinds of issues do you expect me to encounter this with kind of problem?

If your steering knuckle is damaged then you will notice that your tires will be worn in funny ways. They could be worn on the inside or outside edge. It will not only be worn but extremely worn down in an unusual way. Your vehicle will also pull to one side or the other when you drive.

You said that this component does not usually get damaged. What would cause a steering knuckle to get damaged then? I would assume that this is not a usual thing to have happen at all.

A person can damage their steering knuckle if they get into a crash or if they encounter an unusually large pothole. In general, if it would damage your suspension then it would probably damage your steering knuckle as well.

How do I contact you to have you to confirm or deny that what I’m experiencing in my 2014 Subaru Crosstrek is a steering knuckle problem?

You can call 503-692-0846 in order to talk with us during business hours. You can also stop by 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062 and talk with us in person if you wish.

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