Nissan Maxima Powertrain Control Module Repair in Tualatin, OR 97062

I need to drive my Maxima for everyday things and I can’t afford not being able to drive. You tell me if I can drive with this kind of problem because, obviously, I don’t want to break my car or get hurt you know?

Actually, if you have a bad PCM then your vehicle should not be able to start in most cases. The powertrain control module or PCM is very important to your vehicle. If it is unable to send the proper signals to your vehicle then it will not start or your engine will shut off at inopportune times. If you are having these types of troubles with your vehicle then you should have your vehicle towed to a shop as soon as possible to avoid damage to your vehicle and you, personally.

Is this a common thing to go down? It sounds scary. How do I avoid this problem? When should I have mine looked at?

There are some types of vehicles where this happens more often but it is not a common thing to have failures at all. Vehicles usually end their service life with the PCM intact. If your PCM is going to fail then it is likely going to happen between 75,000 and 125,000 miles. If you were going to have your PCM looked at then it should be done between those two mileage counts.

Ok, well, I’ve heard of the powertrain but not the powertrain control module. What is this thing?

The PCM, or powertrain control module, is basically a small computer. It has the job of monitoring the engine control operations. It utilizes a lot of parts in your Maxima to do its job. It uses things like sending units, sensors, solenoids, and other electronic pieces. It can send and receive information. The PCM makes sure that your vehicle runs in such a way that peak performance is possible. It also has to monitor and control things related to engine function like controlling fuel injection rates, ignition timing, valve timing, and throttle body position. Of course, many of these things were handled through the use of gears and mechanical means. However, they are now controlled by the PCM. The PCM also works with other systems in your Maxima if necessary. There are situations and vehicles where the PCM also controls the transmission as well.

If this thing is electronic then can it be screwed up by battery problems then?

It is a possibility. If your battery is not installed or you jumpstart your battery backward then your PCM could be destroyed in the process of jumpstarting your vehicle.

How does this PCM thing do what you are talking about? How does it function?

Your Powertrain control module gets its power from your battery. It takes that electricity and sends it along at regulated voltage levels to where it needs to go in your vehicle. The PCM receives information back from the systems it works with and it monitors them to make sure they are working in the specified parameters for optimal performance. The process is happening continually as your Maxima operates. The system also makes use of a CAN-BUS network which means that it can communicate faster with far fewer wires involved.

What should I expect if my PCM is going bad or is already bad?

Your check engine light may come on and, of course, your OBD codes may not be correct either. There is a litany of possible codes or inaccurate reports that could come out of a powertrain control module that is not functioning properly. Additionally, a handheld scanner will not be able to connect to your Maxima in most cases. Of course, your vehicle may not start or it might turn off on you at random moments.

How do you isolate the problem just to my powertrain module control? I assume that there could be other problems causing similar issues. How do you figure out that this is the problem?

The technical specifications are needed so that the PCM can be checked against those numbers as benchmarks. All the pins will need to be checked to see if they are performing to the necessary parameters. Eventually, they will be able to locate which has the problem and continue the process of repairing your Nissan Maxima.

What do I do if I need this repair and I don’t have the money to get it done?

We have access to a program that approves around 95% of the people we see come in through the front door. All you need is 25 dollars and a bank account. If you have those two things then it is very highly likely to approve you. Contact us via the phone or visit us in store to find out what we can do for you and your Nissan Maxima.

Where would I bring my Maxima? Can we talk about what needs to be done first?

The phone number you would need to call to talk to us is 503-692-0846. It is staffed during our regular business hours. If you want to stop by the shop then you can go to 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062. We are also there during regular business hours.

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