2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer Oil Pressure Sensor Repair in Tualatin, OR

What codes should I expect to see if I am having trouble with my oil pressure sensor?

You will likely see the following OBD codes if you took them somewhere to have them checked:

  • P0520: Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit
  • P0523: Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch High
  • P0522: Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Low

Is it even safe to drive if I think that I have a problem with my oil pressure sensor?

The quick answer to your problem is no. You should not drive a vehicle that has a problem with its oil pressure sensor. You might be able to get your engine to start up but the lack of oil pressure can seriously damage your engine. If your oil pressure light shows up then you should have the vehicle towed to avoid damage to your 2009 Chevrolet Trailblazer.

How often do oil pressure sensors need to be replaced?

Unfortunately, there are no real benchmarks that could allow us to say that there is a definitive time where you should start thinking about changing out the oil pressure sensor.

I’ve heard that diagnosing an oil sensor problem is actually pretty difficult. Is that true and if so then why does it happen to be so difficult?

There are many pieces that need to be checked before a definite diagnosis of an oil pressure sensor can be made on a vehicle. The oil level will have to be checked. If that checks out then the engine has to be checked for leaks. Once the levels are established then the technician or mechanic can compare what the oil sensor is saying to the actual volume in the vehicle via the use of a scanner. If the oil pressure sensor ends up being the true culprit then it will be replaced.

What happens if my oil pressure is actually low?

If the oil cannot access all of the areas that it should then those parts will wear out much faster than it should. You could, potentially, have to replace parts much faster than you would normally have to which will cost you more money over the lifetime usage of the vehicle.

So, the oil pressure sensor regulates this?

It does help quite a bit. If it senses that the oil pressures are low then the signal it gives to the Trailblazer’s computer tells it to make changes that will protect those parts. It also will warn the driver that there is a potential problem that should be dealt with as soon as possible. It usually comes in the form of illumination as it will turn on a warning light on the instrument cluster. It can, also, if needed, place the system into limp mode in order to protect the engine even more.

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