2008 BMW X5 Air Bag Crash Sensor Repair in Tualatin, Oregon

I’d really like a crack at getting this airbag crash sensor repaired by myself. I’m not stupid though. Is this a bad idea?

If the airbag sensor is replaced incorrectly then the chances of you being injured or killed are increased. Airbags have to be deployed in a very certain way in order for them to work properly. The other side of the problem is that incorrect replacement could make the airbags inactive which could also cause injuries or death. It is best for an experienced technician to do this job for you so that you have the assurance that the product will work as it was intended to work.

I was told my crash sensor has corrosion and the rest of the sensors should be checked. Is this overkill or is this not necessary at all and they are trying to make an extra buck?

If your crash sensor has signs of corrosion then the surrounding sensors should also be checked as well. Corrosion you can see, unfortunately, is often an indication of the failure of multiple things. You should have this checked out carefully.

Do airbags usually fail? Is there a time frame where I should start thinking about changing them? Is there a mileage count?

Unfortunately, there is no set in stone relationship between failure, time, and/or mileage. If you get into any type of crash then the airbag sensor can be tripped and will need to be replaced. The other type of failure usually has to do with corrosion and/or rust. Rusting sensors may cause the circuit to be open or have a short. If this is happening then your airbag warning light may also be engaged. The problem is much more likely in vehicles that are older and have humid climates.

Well, we’ve talked a lot about it but what is this thing, really?

The product is, at the most basic level, a small electronic based switch located in your 2008 BMW X5. The switch gets thrown when the vehicle detects a collision from any side. In fact, there are several of these placed around your vehicle in order to make sure that crashes are detected and airbags are deployed correctly for your own safety.

What is this SRS thing I keep hearing about?

It is short for the supplemental restraint system or SRS. The SRS receives the input from the crash sensors and makes decisions on which airbags to deploy.

How does this thing know not to deploy when someone dings my door?

The collision has to be great enough for the crash sensor to activate. The airbag sensor detects the deceleration because a connection will be made inside the sensor. If it is forced during a crash then the sensor sends a signal to the SRS computer. It will then detect where the passengers are if any, and deploy the necessary airbags to protect those people. It will shut off the engine and lock the seat belts. This is why corrosion can be a bad thing. If the circuit makes the connection through a faulty means then all the above could happen.

Let’s say my airbag crash sensor is faulty? What should I be experiencing in my 2008 BMW X5?

One of the first things you should notice is that you have an airbag warning light. In fact, your check engine light might also turn on as well. If this is true then you may not be able to get it to start or crank until you fix the problem. Of course, if your sensors are damaged, if you have a crash then the airbags will not deploy in most cases.

It is just an airbag which means that I can still drive around with my bad airbag crash sensor, right?

Obviously, this is a problem for you because if you have a crash then you will have non-functioning airbags. The other thing you must keep in mind is that your BMX will not pass state or federal inspections. You should correct the issue as soon as possible for your safety and to pass any necessary inspections you may encounter in the future.

How do you know, for sure, that my airbag sensors are bad? Is there a certain way that these are checked to narrow down the problem?

A technician or a mechanic will take a look at the airbag sensors before they do anything else. They will be looking for corrosion, damage, or anything else that could be the cause of the issue. They will, then, use a professional grade scan tool. The tool will identify any codes from the system. They will be able to pinpoint the problem with the SRS system. However, this is not the end all be all as there can be more diagnostic work needed after this work is done. For example, often the crash sensor circuit must be tested as well to see if it is also faulty along with the crash sensor.

What happens if I think that I do not have enough money for this repair? What do I do?

If you have 25 dollars and a bank account then we have access to a program that can help you. The program approves 95% of the people who walk through our doors regardless of their financial situation. The program is highly likely to help you too. Find out more about it by calling us or visiting us in person.

How do I contact you to talk about getting my 2008 BMW X5 fixed?

You can call us, during business hours, at 503-692-0846. If you want to visit us then you can come on down to 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062 and visit us in person during regular business hours.

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