2007 Honda Accord Suspension Control Arm Bushings Repair in Tualatin, Oregon 97062

I’ve heard these things are hard to access. Is that true?

Yes. It can be hard to work on this part because of where it is physically on the vehicle. The truth is that the vehicle, in your case, an Accord, has to be lifted. Once it is lifted then the wheel and tire has to be removed from the vehicle. After that, then the lower control arm and the lower ball joint also have to be disconnected from the Accord. Finally, your upper control arm is also disconnected from your strut tower located on the body of the vehicle. It also has to be disconnected from the steering knuckle.

How do you figure out that my suspension control arm has a problem? How do you isolate it down to my bushings?

There are many times when a technician or mechanic can tell that you have this problem just by taking your vehicle for a test drive. It is also very noticeable at times when a technician tests your suspension system by pushing down on the front corner end of your accord. The effect of this action will bounce your suspension and pivot your control arms. Finally, if they do a suspension alignment then they will notice the problem. The control arm has a lot to do with how your wheel is angled and positioned and will be highly noticeable as they work on getting your Honda Accord back into alignment.

I know I should get these bushings replaced but I have no idea when they should be replaced. Do you have an answer for that?

Unfortunately, there is no real schedule to adhere to at all. Most people find that they need to replace them around 100,000 miles. The thing to keep in mind is that driving aggressively or on roads that are not well maintained can increase the wear down rate of these bushings. They could, potentially, wear down well before that 100,000-mile mark depending on your situation. The caveat to that situation is if you have your bushings permanently affixed to your control arms. If bushings on these control arms are worn down then the whole control arm has to be removed.

What happens if I actually do have a problem with my control arm bushings? Can I still drive this thing and get to the places I need to go?

It depends on how worn down your bushings are at that time. If you have completely worn down bushings then you will have metal on metal contact. If this exists then your vehicle is in severe danger of causing major suspension damage. If this is true then you will have inconsistent handling that will be dangerous and expensive to fix. You should have this vehicle repaired as soon as you can if this problem exists. If you are starting to have noticeable wear down then you will probably hear a very annoying squeak when you traverse bumps in the road.

So, what will happen to my vehicle if I actually have this problem with my Honda Accord? What can I expect as symptoms of this kind of problem?

Squeaking noise when you traverse bumps is one of the biggest giveaways. If you have an even worse problem, such as having completely worn down bushings, then you will hear a knocking sound. It is because the control arm is making contact with the bushing bracket. You have metal on metal contact which means that your risking damage to your suspension system which can be expensive to fix. Of course, the problem will affect your vehicle’s alignment in either case. You will have a vehicle that pulls to either side and your tires will wear unevenly because of the problem.

Ok, I get all that but what do these control arm bushings actually do?

The control arm bushings can be seen between the suspension subframe or sometimes the body of the vehicle in question. What the bushing’s job is to do is absorb force and vibrations from the road, as you can imagine, they take a lot of abuse from this function.

What do I do if I have to get this thing fixed and I don’t have the money to get this done? How can I get the help I need?

We have a program that approves around 95% of the people who walk through the front door. If you have $25 and a bank account then you are highly likely to be approved as well. Just stop by or call us and find out what the program can do for you.

Where in Tualatin are you located? I’d like to talk to you about the problems with my 2007 Honda Accord’s suspension system. I think that I have problems with my front compliance bushings. Is there a phone number or something?

The phone number you should call is 503-692-0846. You can call that phone line during regular business hours. The address you need to visit is 19460 SW 89th Ave. in Tualatin, OR 97062. You can see us at that address also during regular business hours.

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