2007 Acura TL Timing Belt Idler Pulley Repair or Replacement in Tualatin, Oregon

I’ve heard this is not a bad repair. Is this something that I can handle on my own or is it something better left to professionals?

It is popular for people to say that this item can be fixed by an intrepid home repair person. What is not mentioned is that doing this repair requires that you remove the timing components in order to replace the timing belt. If you do not have the knowledge of the area then it might be too much for you. You would have to know the engine timing components, other internal components, and you would have to own specialty repair tools in order to do this repair correctly. Therefore, even though it sounds like it is the easy removal and replacement of a pulley it is, in actuality, a lot more involved than you would believe.

Well I gotta get this thing to you somehow then… Can I drive with it if the pulley is wonky?

Unfortunately, you should not drive the vehicle. A bad timing belt can cause a lot of trouble for you. It can even cause a complete engine failure which is something you want to avoid.

I’ve heard of a timing belt and getting them fixed or replaced or whatever. What the heck is the timing chain idler pulley? It kind of sounds like the same thing so I’m confused.

The idler pulley is a wheel made of metal. It has an exterior that is actually relatively smooth when compared with the components around it. It is smooth because it helps hold the timing belt in place while it turns the timing gears. The timing chain idler pulley makes sure that the timing belt works with the components with which it was made to affect and not those of other systems.

So, if I do have this problem and you have to do all this removal of items to get to it then how do you know I have a problem with it in the first place?

There is no easy way around the removal of the timing components. A diagnosis involves removing the pieces and checking the system out. They will look at the pulley. If they find that it has problems then they will let you know what pieces or components they recommend fixing or replacing.

Ok, well, I’m not sure this is the problem with my vehicle. What should I be looking for if I think I have this problem? I imagine it would be pretty significant if I do have this problem.

If you really do have this type of problem then you will notice some or all of the following. Your check engine light will come on if you get that far. It will only come on if there is a total failure. Unfortunately, it will not give you much warning. You will, however, get OBD trouble codes for the following things: camshaft position, crankshaft position, and misfires. You will hear a very easily noticed chirping noise from your engine. What is it caused by? Remember we told you that the idler pulley is smooth? If you hear a noise then you have some kind of rubbing or friction of some sort and the smoothness of the part is not working. If you do not get this piece fixed or replaced then you will notice your engine will not function as well. Many people say that their engine feels “rough” when this happens. You may also experience a stall. Finally, it is possible that you can damage your engine in this way which is a much more expensive fix than repairing or replacing your timing belt idler pulley.

Is there a time when I should be looking at this part more heavily than others? Like… Every hundred thousand miles I should have this part checked?

Many people have this part replaced somewhere between 60,000 and 105,000 miles. Why? Honestly, these items are generally taken out and replaced when you have a timing belt service. If you are around or in these levels then you may want to have your timing belt checked because you can prevent problems in the future.

So, how do I contact you in Tualatin, Oregon in order to have you look at my 2007 Acura TL?

You can always visit the shop at 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062. Finally, you can call us at 503-692-0846.

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