2005 Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Latch Actuator

I’m having trouble with my 2005 Honda Odyssey. More particularly, I’m having trouble with my door and I think it is my door actuator. Do you know if this a common problem?

Unfortunately, it does seem to be a common problem with Honda Odysseys in general. You are also correct that the actuator is the most likely culprit of this problem as most other owners of Odysseys have had the same problem.

What is an actuator anyway? I have no idea what that means or what it does.

The actuator is what allows you to lock and unlock the door via a key fob. Of course, you can still lock your doors manually or unlock them manually but the actuator is the piece that actually does the physical locking of the door when you use your key fob. If you want to get technical then you could say that an actuator is actually a solenoid or a DC motor. Therefore your sliding door is called an “electrically actuated lock”.

Could you go into more depth about how this works when I use my key fob?

Sure. You push your key fob button and it sends a signal out. Your vehicle receives the signal via the BCM (body control module) and opens or closes the sliding door via the actuator based on the current state of the door at the time of the button pressed. If the door was open then it closes and if it was closed then it will open as long as the door was unlocked.

Where is the actuator actually located? If I opened up my door and saw inside where would it be?

Many of the newer models have this piece actually installed inside the latch assembly. However, if it is not there then the part is usually located between the latch assembly and/or the lock cylinder.

Doesn’t seem like this is too huge of an issue… I feel like this would be a thing that should not be able to stop my ability to drive.

You could, technically, still drive your vehicle while this is a problem. However, there are other problems you could experience. Your door may malfunction at unintended times which means that your doors could be unlocked during times you want them to be locked. If you are worried about a theft problem then this is not a problem you want. The locks are actually related to each other which means that failure with one could impact the others eventually. It is within your best interest to have it fixed as soon as possible.

How do I know or what should I look out for if I think that this problem exists with my 2005 Odyssey?

If you have this problem then you will have problems locking or unlocking your door consistently and predictably. The other thing you can look out for is for noises like clunking or whirring from your door. The amount of noise the actuator makes tells you how much of a problem you actually have on hand. In fact, if you can only operate your lock intermittently then you should have a professional look at the possible problem.

How do I get a hold of you if I want to talk about problems with my 2005 Honda Odyssey?

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