2002 Toyota Sequioa Water Pump Repair in Tualatin, Oregon

Ok, I know I hear about a water pump as it relates to my vehicle but what does this thing do? I’m not drinking water out of my Sequoia so it must be cooling it or something. What does a water pump do?

A water pump does actually cool the engine. The water pump actually circulates coolant and provides protection against overheating.

How do I know that I have a bad water pump? What should I be looking out for?

Most people notice that the system is leaky or is noisy. The problem with leaks is that a leak usually means there is a lot of damage that could be done to the timing belt and the drive system. If they get damaged then the system could overheat.

Is there a certain time frame or mileage amount that tells me that it is time to start looking at my water pump?

A great question that really depends on a bunch of factors including where you drive. A water pump does not suffer the same amount of degradation over time as other parts. Yet, an impeller or bearing could fail inside your pump. However, there is no great consensus on when this might happen just because how the time frame can vary based on your driving conditions.

I think that I might have this water pump problem. My question is if this thing is safe to drive to a repair place? Am I going to have to tow it or can I just drive myself?

The smart thing to do is not to drive your Sequoia. Why? You are risking an engine overheat. You could also damage your head gasket. The worst case scenario here is that you could develop a motor that has failed completely. If you do choose to drive anyway, which we do not recommend at all. You will have to be cognizant of your vehicle’s temperature and pull off the road as soon as you can if you begin to overheat. If this happens to you then you need to tow your Toyota to a repair shop to have it repaired.

How does a water pump do its job? I mean, you told me what it does, now. But, how does it do it?

The water pump has an accessory belt. The accessory belt is attached to the front of the engine. It could also be attached by the timing belt or chain. The engine does its work and the water pump’s belt is turned which, in turn, keeps the water pump doing its job.

Hmm… Based on what you are telling me… Wouldn’t a water pump issue be super hard to diagnose then? What do you do to figure out if the problem actually emanates from the water pump?

A technician or a mechanic will look for leaks to start. They will be looking for these problems around your water pump. They may also make use of a stethoscope to see if there are noises from the water pump bearing. If they can look at the Sequoia’s water pump driving belt then they will. They will also see if they can visually inspect your pulley as well. The OBD codes on some of the newer vehicles in the marketplace will be checked if codes are available for their electric water pumps.

Speaking of codes, what kinds of codes are we talking about? I mean what specific ones denote a problem with the water pump?

If you do have a water pump problem then you can expect to see the following code show up. The code is P0A01: Range/Performance.

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