Chevy Silverado 1500 Oil Pressure Gauge Repair in Tualatin, Oregon

I’ve been told that I need to replace my oil pressure sensor. What the heck is that?

The oil pressure sensor is a part that has the function of monitoring the pressure of the oil as it travels where it needs to go. It takes what it finds and reports the findings to the engine’s computer.

What should I be looking out for if I think that I am having a problem with my oil pressure sensor?

Your oil pressure readings will be inaccurate. If they are inaccurate then you can expect the following two things to happen. The engine computer will be erratic when it comes to reading your oil pressure. It might be too high or too low. You will also notice that your check engine light will be lit up. Finally, you might find your engine starts to protect itself by setting your engine into limp mode.

I’m thinking of going to have my OBD codes read. What codes should I expect if I think that I’m having a problem with my oil pressure gauge?

Here are the codes you can expect to see if you are having problems with your oil pressure gauge:

P0520: Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Circuit

P0523: Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch High

P0522: Engine Oil Pressure Sensor/Switch Low

Is this a tow first, ask questions later kind of situation or can I try to drive this thing where I need to go?

If you think that you have an oil engine pressure problem then you should not drive the vehicle. You might be able to get your Silverado to start but running your vehicle with this problem will, eventually, damage your vehicle. If you have an oil pressure warning then get your vehicle towed to a repair facility and have the repair done correctly.

How do I contact you to work with you on my 2002 1500 Chevy Silverado’s oil pressure gauge or sensor?

You can call the office by calling 503-692-0846. You can also visit us at 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062.