2000 Ford Taurus Oil Pan Gasket Repair in Tualatin, Oregon, 97062, Washington County

I’ve heard of an oil pan, but I don’t know what this gasket is. Do you know and can you tell me?

The job of the gasket is to seal the space between your engine block and the oil pan. It makes sure that none of the oil goes to places where it could damage the rest of your vehicle’s components.

If my engine oil pan gasket is going bad or is bad then can I drive on it? I still need to get to places like work. I’d like to know if I can still be mobile.

The answer, like most things, is technically yes. However, you will be losing oil much more frequently and not getting your money’s worth out of the oil you put into your Taurus. You will have to top off the oil in your vehicle much more often. Another problem is that you are putting yourself at risk for oil starvation which can be very bad for your engine. You could end up with damage to a lot of components like your camshaft bearings, crankshaft bearings, your timing chain tensioners, and other parts that need oil. It would probably be cheaper for you, over time, to get the problem fixed as soon as you can get it fixed.

How do you figure out that this is a problem related to my Ford Taurus’s engine oil pan gasket? What makes you so certain? Can you explain that process?

The honest thing about detecting this kind of problem is that it is easier to diagnose when the problem is new. It is because the leak is more noticeable. A technician or mechanic may clean the spot where they suspect the leak is coming from and ask you to come back later to check on that spot. If the problem is harder to find then they may use a dye to figure out where the leak is exactly. They will use a UV light and find the source of the leak and repair it when it is found.

Do you know what mileage mark or time frame I should look at to expect that this thing might die on me? I mean my Ford Taurus’s oil pan gasket.

The bad news is that there is no set in stone time frame where this is more likely. However, we can tell you that a leaky oil pan gasket is very noticeable and will be obvious during regular service visits. The thing that does degrade is the gasket’s cork or rubber depending on the style or type of head gasket.

What are the kinds of things that I should be looking out for if I think my Taurus is having trouble with its oil pan gasket?

One of the first things you could notice is that your vehicle is leaving an oil mark where you parked your vehicle. This is not always possible, however, because there are some vehicles that make use of a plastic tray that impedes a vehicle from leaving such a mark on the ground. If this is the case for you then you should be able to notice that your oil level is abnormally low, you may notice smoke is produced because your oil is burning in your engine, and/or you may notice a burning oil smell.

How does this oil pan work anyway? What is it supposed to do?

The oil pan holds the capacity of oil for the vehicle. It is like a reservoir for the oil that is found moving around the engine’s designated passageways for the oil.

Where would someone find this oil pan thing if they were looking for it on my Ford Taurus?

They would find the oil pan under the bottom of the engine. The gasket is located between the bottom of the engine and your oil pan. It helps to make the seal that is required to keep the oil inside the engine.

I’d like to get this fixed but I’m pretty sure that I don’t have the money to get this done. Do you have some kind of layaway program or something where I can get it fixed and pay it over time?

We work with a program that approves around 95% of the people we see every day regardless of the financial situation. All you need to qualify is to have 25 dollars and a bank account. If you have those two things then the program is likely to approve you as well. Just call us or stop by our shop to find out what the program will do for you.

How do I talk to you about my 2000 Ford Taurus and my, probably, problem with my gasket? Is there a place where I can talk to you in person? Is it better if I call? If it is better that I call then where do I call?

You can visit us in the shop at 19460 SW 89th Ave. Tualatin, OR 97062 where we would be more than happy to speak with you about this problem. If you are the type of person who would rather call then you can contact us by calling 503-692-0846. Keep in mind that we are only available during regular business hours which are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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