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The SPRINTER STORE offers quality products and accessories designed specifically for your Sprinter.  These products are either factory parts or products that we have developed and put through real life testing.  The primary test vehicles are an 2003 140" 2500SHC Cargo Van (Mighty Mouse now sold to a trusted friend), a 2008 144" 2500SHC Cargo Van (Lab Rat), a 2007 144" 4wd 2500HC Cargo Van (Franky, short for Frankenstein) and a 2006 118" 2500 high roof (TT, Texas Turd).  To ensure our customers' good drivability and product functionality, Mighty Mouse, Lab Rat, Franky and TT are used as daily drivers.  All products are put under as many test conditions as possible.  We have several performance products under development.  Once they complete the testing stage, they will be posted on our site and you will begin to understand where Mighty Mouse gets his name!  Over time, we will be adding more accessories as well. So...check our site periodically for up-dates.  If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, click here.  BTW, we are sensitive to the proliferation of junk mail and we only e-mail our customers once or twice a year when we have special announcements.


    More Sprinter Parts and Accessories!!  


SprinterFest 2015!!  

Over the last few years, we have had requests to move the SprinterFest date later into the summer travel season. So, this year the 10th Annual NW SprinterFest event will be held on Saturday May 30th, 2015 which coincides with the Portland Rose Festival. People from out of the area will have something else to do and get a "flavor of the Portland area". The Rose Festival is a huge two week event culminating with the Rose Parade, the second largest Rose Parade next to the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena. A special event of the Rose Festival is the Starlight Parade which is 8:30pm Saturday night May 30th. We will have lots of vendors, food and fun at the SprinterFest. In the past, we have all enjoyed checking out a variety of unique Sprinters so come on by and join in!!  ProMaster and Transit owners are more than welcome to attend!! If you have questions about the event, give us a call at 503-692-0846. For free registration to the SprinterFest, follow this link  http://softecusa.com/sprinterwest.html


Mobile Power for a Mobile World!!  e

For the ultimate peace of mind, the NeverDed Maxx will jump start your car, recharge your cellphone, keep your laptop powered, recharge all your mobile devices and provide emergency lighting when the electricity goes out. The size of your hand and just over an inch thick, every household and vehicle need one.

At 13600 mAh, and a battery life of over 3000 cycles, you will have power for years. The Maxx will charge laptops, tablets, cell phones, digital cameras, HD video devices, and more. At 6.5″x3.1″x 1.4″ weighing only 14.8 oz, the Maxx packs a punch and will fit under your seat. The Maxx’s peak current of 500A is enough to start your car and then some. It has a  15v/1A input and outputs of 12v/DC, 2A/ 5v USB,  DC 16v/3.5A, DC 19v/3.5A. Small enough to fit underneath the seat of your vehicle, the Neverded Maxx emergency kit, can go anywhere you do. Imagine having peace of mind knowing that no matter where you travel, you always have power when you need it most. Note: NeverDed Maxx may not jump start a Sprinter or other vehicle if the battery is completely dead .

Regular price $149.95 plus shipping, Now On Sale for $129.95 plus shipping.


Koni FSD Shocks now available for your Sprinter: Koni NA and the Sprinter Store teamed up to bring Koni's FSD technology to the Sprinter world. Click here for more info!!


New Design...Slider Door Screens: Our Supplier has redesigned the slider door screen and added a "patio door". Enjoy fresh air and the outdoors without annoying insects. For more info click here.


Dodge, Freightliner and Mercedes Sprinter Van Service and Repair in the Portland Oregon Area: Since 2003, the Sprinter Store has been providing a full service and repair option for Sprinter owners in the NW Oregon and SW Washington area. Offering $1 a day loaner cars and extended service hours, we are an excellent dealer alternative. In fact, we are like a small dealership with the MB DAS and DRBIII factory scan tools, a well stocked Sprinter parts department and the Sprinter service and repair experience you are looking for. Whether you need routine service or major repairs, we have you covered. Remember, Sprinters are what we do!!


  For those of you that are just beginning a DIY van conversion or looking for general Sprinter information this is an excellent read and source of information http://www.sprinter-rv.com/sourcebook/


Have a Class B or C Motorhome based on the Sprinter chassis?  Read this!!!

"Touchdown (e-mail subject)

 Hi John,

Amazing....amazing.....is all I can say about the difference in Free Bird (08 View).  Really lovin the suspension and performance upgrades....faster, MUCH more stable.  Also noticed less tiring to drive....maybe because not fighting weak suspension.  More later after a few days under my belt w/her.

But, for now, we are really enjoying our new found coach.

Best, Kim from Oregon"

If you have a Sprinter based RV, then you need to learn more about our suspension up-grades for your Sprinter RV. For more suspension information on Class A, B or C conversions, click here!!


Need installation of our products but don't want to drive across country to our shop?  Give us a call and we will assist you in locating a facility that can do the job for you.


Here's what our customers have to say about our products:

"I want to let you know that we are very pleased with all of the modifications we had you do on the 13th of this month.  We left Portland and
went east on I-84 to John Day River and back.  The coach behaved perfectly, including a 35 to 40 mph headwind on the way back.  Fuel
economy was not good, but at 63 to 65 mph plus head wind the 15.98 mpg was pretty good. 
On the way home to Medford, without wind, but with four hills average of 2,000 feet elevation (using the tuning module) I cracked 18 mpg for
the first time at 18.19 mpg.  This is almost a mile per gallon better than my previous best.  This was 63 - 65 mph on cruse.  I left it in cruse up
the hills @ 55 mph and it maintained about 53 mph shifting to 3rd gear at the very last.
The transmission with the mod did shift better and at a higher rpm.  The whole unit behaved like it should have from the factory.
Thank you again for coming up with all of these fixes.
Bob J. Oregon
2007 Winnebago View - on a 2006 Sprinter 3500 Dual Wheel 


                Sprinter 4wd !!


Welcome to a new era for the North American Sprinter...4 Wheel Drive!! Our NCV3 4wd conversion is based on the KISS principle and is 1955 Willy's Jeep simple. It handles and performs exactly like a 2wd Sprinter with the added bonus of 4wd!! To learn more about the fun we're having, click here.


The SPRINTER STORE is a division of Upscale Automotive, Inc.  Upscale Automotive is an automotive service and repair company that has been serving the Portland, Oregon area since 1983 and Sprinters since 2003.  Our performance work dates back to our early days of racing Mazda rotary engine powered race cars.  For more information about Upscale Automotive, Inc., give us a call or drop us an e-mail.

Upscale Automotive, Inc.

19460 SW 89th Ave.

Tualatin, OR  97062

503-692-0846    Fax 503-691-2763

If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, click here.


        Mighty Mouse and one of his 6000 pound test loads




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